WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010

Welcome to the WWE Smack down vs. RAW 2010 game now; you can fight as your favorite wrestler.

Play WWE WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Game

Keys used to Play the Game:

This a simple game in which an emulator is used following keys are used to play this game:

Up arrow: move upwards.                       Z: right kick.

Down arrow: move downwards.             X: left kick.

Right arrow: to move right.                     C: right punch. 

Left arrow: to move left.                          S: left punch.

About the Game:

WWE RAW VS Smack down is a single-player wrestling game in which there are many of the players from the WWE Raw and the smack down.  This game was initially released in 2009 by Nintendo, but due to the high fan base and the demanding crowd, this game has been reintroduced for them. 

How to Play:

This game is easy to play. All you have to do is to choose your favorite wrestler from the menu of 30 wrestlers, including John Cena, the rock, triple H Rey Mysterio and many more of them.

Just choose the player as your representative. When you choose the player, you become one; all of his moves become yours. Many of the moves and their combos are available in the tutorial, which you can practice before playing the game.  Moves are easy to learn the up, down, right, left arrows are used to move up-down, move right, and left, while ZXCS are used to kick and punch the opponent.  Attack the opponent player to deplete his health to win the game. 

The Interface:

The game has a simple interface, an upgraded version of the game from the 2009 Nintendo version. The high-quality graphics and the realistic gameplay sensation make you play this game again and again. The characters look natural, while the background crowd sound is epic.

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