Inked Wrestlers

Recognise the WWE stars tattoo, choose one option from 2, its Inked Wrestlers video game all about. When you will ask to play the game, you will be watching a screen to choose 1 option that should be a wrestlers name, who owns this tattoo

Play WWE Inked Wrestlers Game


This game is simple to play as it requires only a mouse and a sharp memory. The left click of the mouse will be used to play this game. 

How to Play:

This game is designed for the Diehard fans of the wrestlers from the WWE. In this game, you have to click on the play button, after which the main menu will be opened in front of you. In the main menu, you have to again click on the play button. There will be a picture displayed to you on one side of the screen, in which there will be a tattoo on a body part of a wrestler.

In contrast, on the other side, there will be a few options containing the names of the wrestlers from The WWE; you have to select one of them. You have to guess the right wrestler who has this tattoo, and if you select the right option, you will be progressed to a higher level. There are hundreds of levels of this game that are fun for the fans.

About the Game:

This game is for the diehard fans of the WWE wrestlers, as in this game, they have to choose the right option. This game is fun which can be played anywhere on a computer. In this game, the diehard fans are tested for their memory, as they have to choose from the given options. If they love their heroes, they will be able to choose the right option. This game is the right opportunity for the WWE fans. 

The interface:

This game has a pretty basic interface in which the screen is divided into two halves. In one half, the picture is shown, while the other half options are available from which the player can choose.

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