Punch the Trump

Feeling frustrated by the work of Donald Trump, the American president ?? how about we introduce you to a game where you can punch him? Let's Play WWE Punch the Trump game.

Play WWE Punch the Trump Game

Keys used to Play the Game:

Z: light punch to the left side. 
M: light punch to the right side.
X: heavy punch to the left.
N: heavy punch to the right.
Spacebar: Block the attacks.


This game is easy to play, the game in which you have to let go of all of your frustration by punching Donald Trump. America has recently done its elections. The people have elected Trump as their president, but many of them also opposed him; if you are one of them who opposed him and are so much frustrated for his victory that you want to punch him right in the face. This is the opportunity that we are providing you in the form of a game. You can punch him as hard as you can and several times as you want in this game. 

How to Play:

This game has a simple interface in which you will start the game by clicking on the play button. After clicking on the play button, your time starts; in that time, you have to punch Trump wherever you want but watch out for his defensive attacks!! He will also punch you back, which you have to block by using the space bar. you can use the Z key to punch him lightly on the lower left side.

While using the M key, you can punch him on the right lower side, but when you press N, a heavy blow will be transferred to the right side of the Trump, and by pressing X, you will deliver a heavy blow on the left side of Trump.


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