Backyard Brawl

Playing WWE backyard brawl is the key to one's boredom and to be productive at the same time.

Play WWE Backyard Brawl Game

Keys used to Play the Game:

This game is an extreme fighting game that you can play by using the following keys:
Up down left-right arrow keys are used for movements while A key is used for Weapon, S is used for punch, and the key D is used for jump.

How to play this Game:

Playing this game is no joke; it is a multiplayer Brawl fighting game based on WWE. By clicking the play button, you can select four characters from the menu of numerous characters. Once you have selected your players, you will face the other four opponents in the ring. Not only the ring but the surrounding area is also used as the battlefield.

You can use punches and kicks and use the weapons available around the place as the stool, the chairs or the tables, and much more. This game awakens the trills of a fighter within you also emerges the rage inside you to defeat the other team. All you have to do is to deplete the health of the opponent team to win the combat. As you win a match, you will progress on further stages.

About this Game:

This game is a multiplayer game designed for WWE lovers in which you can select one character as your player, but you can select four players at a time. This game has High Definition Graphics also has 360 degrees of viewing angles.

The graphics of the game are of excellent quality, which gives the feel of real-life wrestling. This game is a multiplayer game in which you can either play with a computer or play it on your mobile phone.

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