The Fighter Training

Do you like boxing games but do not know how to play them and how to become a pro player? We have something that will train you at your best. Play WWE the fighter training game and become a professional player. 

Play WWE The Fighter Training Game


As this game is a training game which is very simple to play with the following keys:

Down arrow:  to punch down.

UP arrow:       to punch up.

Right arrow:   to punch ahead.

Space Bar:       to recover.


Are you a beginner boxer and are interested in learning about this sport? This game allows you to learn from the basics of this sport. As the game play is realistic one so you will have fun learning this up! The easy startup will enable you to learn the basic things like punching, dodging the hurdles right in front of you. Try to avoid these hurdles do not get hurt by these, as they will slow you down and will cause you damage, and will waste your time.  

How to Play:

This game is super easy. All you have to do is to dodge the obstacles in your way and strike them as you can. These obstacles are meant to slow you down, dodge them and progress further .you will learn many things related to the boxing sport as this game enables you to learn from scratch and make you a pro player within a few weeks.

The interface of the game:

This game is developed for the armatures who want to learn the boxing game. It has a basic interface with HD graphics with zero lag as it is a super-light game and it will load smoothly .you can adjust the graphics and the sound from the main menu; also you can change the background. On the top left corner, your health is displayed in the form of a bar. 

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