The Fighter Training

You are in the gym. Are you an amateur boxer being trains. To kick boxing bags, you need to act quickly keyboard arrows. Perform each movement different for each bag separately. If you were down, quickly press the space key several times.

Play WWE The Fighter Training Game

Are you an amateur boxer and want to learn as much about this sport. You start with the easy things, like, punching the obstacles that come to you. But do not get hit by them, try to avoid them or hit them. If you're hit and fell to the floor, press the spacebar as quickly as possible to return to his feet.

Depending on the height of the obstacle, you have to press the keyboard arrow keys. The aim is to design a high score. In the table below you can see the power that hit and score. To mute the game, go to the top left button.

Press right arrow to punch ahead Press down arrow to punch down  
Press up arrow to punch above Use spacebar to recover  


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