Smash Boxing

Having some hard time finding a suitable game to relax? Give the Smash Boxing Game a try!!

Play WWE Smash Boxing Game


The arrow keys are used for the movements: space key: to jump

  • Up arrow: to move forward
  • Down arrow: to move backward
  • Right arrow: to move right
  • Left arrow: to move left
  • A: for the right punch
  • S: for the left punch
  • Z: to duck
  • X: to block

About the Game:

This game is all about boxing-style wrestling developed for the fans of wrestling and boxing. If you are a beginner and are playing this game, this game will make you learn many of the updated moves and tactics to beat your opponents, and also it will polish your fighting skills. Also, playing this game as a pro then to this game will give you a hard time playing with the opponents.

Are you confident enough in your skills?? Give this game a try!! This game has to offer you fifteen different levels in which you have to complete many of the players representing different fighting styles. This game offers two modes. One is the street brawl mode; in which you have to fight alone with the street fighters. At the same time, the other mode is gang war mode, in which you have to fight against the gangs of the city. This game is so addictive that you might get distracted by anything else around you. 

How to play:

This game is meant for those who want to escape from the business of their day while enjoying the smash boxing game. This has basic controls for the movements, and for the attack, all you have to do is learn the moves, as shown in the demo at the start of the game. Punches are the major moves that you will perform to deplete the HP of the opponent.

The Interface:

This game has a simple interface based on HD graphics with almost the natural feel sensation. The players look real, and the background is also appealing. The game is super smooth without any lag, and the graphics are optimized so that they do not put any strain on the eyes, enabling you to play this game for hours continuously.

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