Boxing Hooligans Fight

In football it happens many beautiful things, but after the match, hooligans gather and begin to fight on the streets. To avoid this unpleasant confrontation, you can try to beat them in this boxing game.

Play WWE Boxing Hooligans Fight Game


  • Arrow keys: movements.
  • Z = left punch.
  • C= right punch.
  • X =uppercut.
  • Space Bar= Block  

About the Game:

This game has to offer you the opportunity to fight against different teams from all over the world. Mainly Italy, Argentina, and England. This game is based on hooligans, which are the troublesome persons who are becoming a nuisance to society. As this is just a game so all of the characters and people in this game don't intend any harm. This game is only for entertainment purposes. Kids now a day's love fighting games. This game provides them a fighting platform to take out their boredom and frustration on the players inside this game. 

How to Play:

This game has two rounds in which you have to face your opponent in the ring. You have to punch the opponent to drop his health. Many of the players are available on the main menu; also you can change the dressing of that particular player from which you intend to play. This game has three main modes in which you can participate. 

Arcade Mode:

In the arcade mode, you can select from the menu of different players and compete against the computer representing a hooligan from a country. As you continue to win the game, you will be allowed to face other opponents from different countries of the world. The arcade mode comes with four difficulty options: easy, medium, and complex, and expert levels. You can choose between them according to your experience. 

VS Battle Mode:

You can also add another player as your opponent; this person may be a friend sitting right next to you so that you can challenge each other and show your skills. 

Practice Mode:

This mode is for the beginners' who don't intend to go to the actual fight but want to practice before that. In this mode, you will be allowed to practice your player's moves on a dummy so that you can manage to learn the combo of that particular player. 


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