Royal Thumble

Play wrestling with your fingers. For instructions on how to play this game you will find instructions section. It's a funny game, choose figures that you like and then enter the ring to start beating between fingers.

Play WWE Royal Thumble Game

Choose one of the ten masks you want for your wrestler. The next step is to get in the ring with a random wrestler. Each wrestler has a different skill. You have to choose between four modes of attack. You have a secret weapon that you can use when is activated.

Special weapon is available when opponent is low on health. It's devasting but comes with a risk, if the opponent defends against the special move, they will instead unload their special move on you. Use defend mode to minimize damage when an opponent attacks you, especially with a special move.

Use mouse to play    
Select desired moves    


Don’t be down! We have a lot of fun for you. Let’s play wrestling Royal Thumble friv, the fight of thumbs! In this game, you fight against your opponent’s thumb as it is a battle of fingers. It also includes mask feature of Mexican Lucha Libre.


Pick up a mask for your thumb and move into the ring. Select an attack, now see the choice of rival thumb. Select attack from four modes swipes, smash, strike and defend. A special move will be available and use it when your rival will be under pressure. Use the mouse to play and have fun!

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