Royal Thumble

Play wrestling with your fingers. For instructions on how to play this game you will find instructions section. It's a funny game, choose figures that you like and then enter the ring to start beating between fingers.

Play WWE Royal Thumble Game

Keys used to Play the Game:

This game has only four moves which you can only perform by using the mouse. By using the mouse, you can click on the following buttons to perform specific moves:


About this Game:

This is a fun game designed for wrestling fans, but this time it's not about fighting with the whole body, but it is all about the thumb fight. In his game, the thumbs are used as the players fight with one another. Every thumb represents a player, and every thumb has its own unique set of moves, and they got its styles. Also, you can choose from the ten masks available for the players.

How to Play:

This game is mind refreshing game that is played in its unique ways. First, you have to select a player from the different options available; after that, you have to enter a ring from the different rings available in the game; all of the rings have their background music and different views in the background. After you enter the ring, you have four options which you have to use by using respective keys for those specific moves.

There is a meter which, when it gets filled, you can perform a special move that will be too heavy for your opponent to handle. Using this special move needs precession. If you do it at the wrong time, this can charge your opponent's special move, which he can unload upon you, so be careful. While simple moves so easy that you can perform them with a single click. The swipes, the strike, the smash, and defend are the moves you can perform to defeat your opponent.

The Interface:

This game's interface is simple and appealing, with a low MB count; this game is super easy to play and has a lag-free playing experience.

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