Final Slam 1

Playing WWE final slam1 is a no joke as it is a wrestling game in which more than 40 characters belong from different backgrounds.

Play WWE Final Slam 1 Game


The following keys are used to Play this Game:

  • Up arrow: to move forward                             
  • Down arrow: to move backward
  • Right arrow: to move right 
  • Left arrow: to move right
  • Spacebar: to jump

For Action:

  • A: Left punch
  • Z: Left kick
  • X: Right punch
  • S: Right punch

How to Play:

This game while playing is not easy as it requires quick reflexes with the present mind. This game has two modes one is an arcade, and the other is team battle mode. You can choose one player from the available 40 players from the menu in the arcade mode, and you have to defeat the opponent.

While in the team battle mode, you can select up to 4 players and can fight as a team when one is fighting in the ring while others will stand out of the ring; if you want to change the player, you have to pass the hand to the desired player during the match. All you have to do is to defeat the other player by beating him into the dust. You can punch, kick and slam the other player, but watch out for their attacks too!!



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