Crank Deathmatch

Bored of playing old games regularly want to try something new? Play WWE Crank Death Match Game.

Play WWE Crank Deathmatch Game

Keys used to Play the Game:

Arrow keys for movements. 

  • Q= Punch                            
  • V= heavy punch                 
  • A= light kick.
  • S = heavy kick 
  • E = taunt                 

These are the default keys. If you are comfortable playing using these keys, then it's okay, but if you are having any trouble using these keys, you can always change them in the main menu.

How to Play the Game:

The crank deathmatch game is derived from a real-life collision with each other. The Crank Yankers and the Celebrity deathmatch come across each other face to face. This is a fighting game that you can play with your friends, and you alone can play this game against the computer. The thrill of the fight and the excitement of the match are addictive. If you are playing against the computer, you can set the difficulty level in the settings menu. This game also enables multi-player gameplay which you can enjoy with your friends.

This game is all about upgrading you and beating up the opponents. On the first level, you will have only your hands as a weapon, but as you progress, you can have a melee weapon at level two; on level three, you will get a handgun, while on level 4, you will get a hand grenade all of these you can use to beat your opponents to the death. 

The Interface of the Game:

 The game has an interface that a person gets used to quickly. People of all ages can play this game. On the top of the screen, the health meter is shown in which your health is indicated. This game has high-definition graphics, which, while playing, give sensations of joy to the players. 

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