Kungfu Grandpa

A great game sponsored by Armor Games. The idea of the game is to help the Grandpa to eliminate all the hooligans from the street. Help him to face every obstacle to create a quiet area in which to rest.

Play WWE Kungfu Grandpa Game

The old man can not rest these days because of hooligans that roam the streets of his neighborhood. With knowledge of kung fu, he decides to go to the streets to calm the neighborhood. Now he needs to remember how to fight him like in his youth.


Simple keys are used to play this game as it has the character moves with the left, right, down, and up arrow while it jumps by pressing space, use x to kick, and uses C to unleash the special move.

They will help you pass faster each level. With the money collected, you can buy some improvements to your body like strength or life.

Press Z for hand punch Use C for special power Arrows to move
Press X for leg kick Use space to jump Collect items


Have you ever seen such a strong and ambitious old person? Meet Kungfu Grandpa and help him to scum off the streets! Kungfu Grandpa is an online full of action fighting game where you fight as a grandpa, who want to finish out all the street punks. Test your fighting abilities by helping him and lay the smackdown.

How to play this Game:

You have to use the arrow keys along with Z, X, and C keys to eradicate the bad person from the main screen. Many of the items come along the way, which you have to collect. Some of them boost your health, while others are there to boost the power of the grandpa. There is also a meter that will give you a chance to unleash your special ability on its completion. While in the way, you have to jump to avoid the bumps. 

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Y to jump
  • X for leg kick
  • C for special power.

Retain your power with energy drinks and collect all the rewarded cash. Hurry up! Just go and comfort him.

About the Game:

This game is a single-player game based on an old character known as Kung Fu Grandpa. This reign where an older man cannot rest because of the goons roaming across the streets. Don’t be fooled by the looks of grandpa. He is a champion of Kung FU and knows how to deal with the thugs in real life.

This game is fun for kids as they will watch the grandpa in action as many of the other people cannot help him because they are helpless. The kids playing this game will feel that they are the real heroes who are there to save the lovely neighborhood.  

The interface:

This game consists of a basic interface in which the frame rate is also low, which does not have any hard impact on the ram and the GPU. Having a basic interface does not mean that this game is any less than other games infect. This game is one of the best available to play online.


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