Lucha Wrestling

Love the wrestling games, and you want to play a professional-style wrestling game, or want to try something more exciting? Come and Play WWE Lucha Wrestling Game. This is what you might be looking for.

Play WWE Lucha Wrestling Game

Keys used to Play this Game:

Player one:                                            Player two:

For the movements: The arrow keys    WASD keys are used for the movements.

7: left punch                                            Y: left punch                                      

8: right punch                                          U: right punch              

4: left kick                                               H: left kick

5: right kick                                             J: right kick                                            

These are the default key controls, but you can always change them from the main menu.

How to Play:

This is an online game that has various modes available from which you can play. More than 25 professional wrestlers are available for you to choose one of them as your player in this game. To play this game, you need a simple pc also you can play this game on your mobile device. You have a penalty of techniques available to master these, and by using them, you can beat your opponents.

This game has three rounds in which you have to face your opponent. Form these three rounds from which you have to win at least two. This game is all about punching, kicking, and smashing your opponent on the ground. This game has the option of playing it against the computer or having a rivalry against your friend.

About the Game:

This game is purely for the wrestling fans as the name of this game has originated from Mexico, where Lucha means professional wrestling. In this game, you will have professional wrestling experience, which beholds different fighters from all around the world. All of the players have different moves and a unique style of fighting.

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