Wack Wrestling Challenge

Like challenges? Play this game. We assure you of the thrill and fun here. Come and Play WWE Wack Wrestling Challenge Game.

Play WWE Wack Wrestling Challenge Game

Keys used to Play this Game:

Player one controls Player two controls:

  • I for punch.
  • O for kick.
  • Up arrow to move forward
  • Down arrow to move down
  • Left arrow to move left.
  • Right arrow to move right.
  • 1 for punch
  • 2 for a kick.
  • W to move forward
  • S to move backward.
  • D to move right.
  • A to move left.

These are the default key controls, but you can change them as per your comfort from the main menu.


This game is a pure fun game in which you can customize your player and your opponent. You can play this game with your friends on a single PC, or you can challenge them b adding them as your friends online by searching for their unique ID.

This game also allows both the players to perform the moves to defeat one another. This game is a fun game that Nick.com released. This has targeted the WWE fans as this game contains many wrestlers from the WWE. all of the players represent different cultures in the wrestling world, but in the ring, they fight like a pro.

How to Play:

This game is a multiplayer game, so both of the players can play it simultaneously on a single pc. Call upon your friends and play this game fun or challenge your friends to tell them who’s the boss here. You and your friend have to select your respective player’s ad then defeat each other by depleting each other’s health; whoever manages to finish up the opponent wins the game. Smash, hit, punch, kick your opponent, charge upon the ultimate ability to cause them considerable damage.

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