World Boxing Tournament

Beat your fear and get in the boxing ring, with consummate warriors. Be ready to face the computer or play against a friend. So you'll realize your abilities to act and defeat another opponent. play the WWE World Boxing Tournament Game and have an enjoyable, realistic game experience.

Play WWE World Boxing Tournament Game


Player one:                                           Player two:

W, A, S, D are used for movements.    The Arrow keys are used for movements 

B, N, M for the punches.                       Keys 1,2,3 are used for punches 

Spacebar is used to block the attacks.   0 key is used to block the attacks.   

These are the default controls but can always change them from the main menu.

How to play this game?

This game is a multiplayer game in which you have to face the opponents in the boxing ring. You have a couple of punching styles available in the game, beat out the opponents by using simple punches or perform combo shots until the victory is assured. This game has two modes in which you can either choose to play against the computer bots, or you can play with the actual person sitting right next to you.  

The interface:

This game is having an exciting interface with a lot of customizations. You can change the graphics quality, and the sound options are also available to change the sound according to your need and mood. This game is developed in high graphics; the sound effects are so real that you will feel the match happening right in front of you. 

About the game:

This game is a true gift for those who want to experience a true boxing match. This game enables you to beat your fear and get in the boxing ring with different warriors from all over the world. Be ready to face the most fearsome worriers of the planet, as they will show no mercy against you.

Not only you can play this game against the computer, but the good thing is that you can also invite one of your friends to play with you. By challenging them, you will be able to know about your skills as well as the abilities of your opponent. 

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