WWF No Mercy

Step into the hoop with aspect, the Rock, and Triple H as you emerge as the first-class wrestler in the universe on these sports activities fighting online games - WWF no mercy!

Play WWE WWF No Mercy Game

WWF no mercy is a professional wrestling online game launched again within the yr 2000 for the Nintendo sixty-four gaming console. The game capabilities a more good-sized individual advent display screen wherein you could create your personal wrestler with greater to be had movements, frame-attributes, apparel options, and so much extra. However, there had been many capabilities covered in Wrestlemania 2000 that were eliminated in the sport consisting of the cool wrestler entrances, and more.

How to Play:

This is a single-player arcade game which is a true gift for WWE lovers. In this game, there are many players from the WWE wrestling form to choose one as your player. The main screen of the game has many options to choose from. There are many modes in which the gameplay is different from the other. One is the arcade mode, in which you have to choose your player and fight the other player.

This game also has a story mode in which you have to play the role of the hero in the story provided by the game. Both of these modes have basic gameplay in which you have to defeat the other players by using different combinations of your hero’s skills. All of the characters have different abilities, which you have to use to deplete the HP of the other player.


This game is easy to play as it requires a simple keyboard in which W is for the forward movement, S for the backward movement, A is for moving left, while D is for moving to the right. And for the punch, you have to press G and H for a kick while J for grabbing your opponent.

  • W forward movement
  • S for the backward movement
  • A is for moving left
  • D is for moving to the right
  • G and H for a kick
  • J for grabbing your opponent

These are the default keys, but you can also customize them as you wish or are easy for you. 


As the name suggests, in this game, there is no mercy. This game is based on the characters from the WWE named triple H, John Cena, and The Rock. in this game, the fans get a chance to see these legends face to face-smashing each other. This is a fan-focused game in which the fans get a chance to be their favorite characters for some time.

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