Final Slam 2

Final Slam 2 is a computer fighting game that permits you to create your very own fighter and fight numerous other opponents. The sport is full of over 40 in-recreation fighters.

Play WWE Final Slam 2 Game

However, you can nonetheless create your own combatants through customizing his or her apparel, moves, and stats. you could even modify the synthetic intelligence of your fighter! create yourself. create your buddies. create your enemies. create casual guys, ninjas, movie stars, wrestlers, Shaolin clergymen, kung fu opponents, boxers, warriors, robots, game characters, and even monsters. then fight!


  • W, S,A,D = Movements
  • G: Punch
  • H: Kick
  • J: Grab

This game is easy to play as it requires a simple keyboard in which W is for the forward movement, S for the backward movement, A is for moving left, while D is for moving to the right. And for the punch, you have to press G and H for a kick while J for grabbing your opponent. These are the default keys, but you can also customize them as you wish or easy for you. 

How to play:

Click the play button on the main screen, after which the game will redirect you to the menu where you will see different modes. In arcade mode, you have to face an opponent which you have to defeat. By using the buttons, you have to kick, punch, grab and throw the other opponent. You can also combine all of the moves to create your moves. On the top of the screen, there will be a bar indicating the health of both players. With your moves, you have to deplete the HP of the opponent. 

About the game:

This game is a fun-to-play game meant for the WWE fans who want their favorite heroes in action, but there is a catch. This game is highly customizable, which means that you can create your players, their moves, and their appearance. This game is a big source of entertainment for kids as well as for adults.

You can create the number of heroes, which will be used as your representatives in the game, but you can also create your opponents, say someone you don’t like, and beat them in the game. This game is fun, to begin with, but you will be addicted to the game once you play this.

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