John Cena Makeup

If you're a fan of John Cena, then this game is to your liking. Now you have the chance to makeup on your favorite character. The set menu available you can achieve different makeup. You can change the accessories as well as other things like eye color. Leave you alone now to find out more hiding this great game.

How to play john cena makeup

Someone thought to make a makeup game with the famous wrestler John Cena. It sounds like a game for girls, but also boys want to play with such games. If you are fan of this wrestler, be ready to be his makeup stylist. All you have to do is to select the right menu to add different accessories and colors.

You can add different shirts, you can change skin color, eye color and many other interesting things you can do in this dress up game. Your imagination has no limits, and finally if you do not like the result, you can reset the picture and start again with a new look for John Cena wrestler.

Press play to start Use reset button to restart  
Use mouse to select items Press sound to mute  

Are you a die heart fan of John Cena? If you are, then this game will be exciting for you! The John Cena Makeup game is giving you a chance to do the makeup of the wrestling champion. So let’s play it!

Fans are crazy about John Cena. So, give him a classy makeover just same as you want to change his looks. The player can select a different shirt, change skin color, eye color as well can add many more accessories.

  1. Click on the play button.
  2. Tick on items to select.
  3. Go to reset to reset makeup.
  4. Click on sound to mute.